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A barber is a person who specializes in cutting hair, specifically men’s, and who can also shave and trim beards or other facial hair. Going to a barber is definitely a chance for men to enjoy some me-time. Finding a barber to go to regularly not only ensures a more personal experience, it will also ensure that the barber will know you, your hair, and your style.

If you’re looking for a new barber, come give ours a shot! We can have you looking clean and sharp in no time.

Straight Razor Shave

While trend-setting haircuts and bead trimming styles are new and inventive, let us remind you of a classic and unmatched barber shop technique that sets us apart from all other hair care locations. When you want a close shave that leaves behind nothing but smooth skin, your barber experience is not complete without our incredible Straight Razor Shave service!

The original way to shave, straight razors are still set the standard in close shaves even today. When you are in need of a close shave and a classic grooming experience, just sit back, relax while we take care of all your beard and hair care needs!


With our wide array of grooming and hair care services that even includes men and children’s Haircuts, we can help you with nearly any style you want! Our barbers will give you the look you desire, and our experience in the industry assures you of our commitment to quality work that will make you feel like a million bucks!

Let us here at Jonathan's Barbershop revamp you haircut and style, and get you on the trend and talked about; and all with the full barbershop experience. Just come on down to our location and we’ll take it from there!

Men's Haircuts

Is your hair looking more like an unkempt shaggy pet than a hair style? Do you need a new go-to barbershop that will cut and style your hair the way you want? Then say no more to the hair abuse, and let our Men’s Haircuts services answer all your hair prayers!

Here at our experienced shop, we will cut away all your dead ends and let your healthy hair thrive and shine. If you let hair grow for too long the ends will be damaged beyond saving, and that damage can travel up to the follicle. So come and get your tresses trimmed with us today and love your hair again!

Children's Haircuts

Are you looking for a place that you and your children can come to for all their hair cutting needs? Then look no further than our thriving shop here at Jonathan's Barbershop, where we offer not only men’s haircuts, but we also excel in Children’s Haircuts as well!

With our skilled stylists, your bonding time can be spent together in the barber’s chair while you both get their hair cut and design you want. Let our incredible team give your locks the attention they deserve!

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